The list below represents Robert's non-fictional work. One, "Fillossofee: Breakfast with Grandpa", is a novel-length piece only; another, "The Ed Dennehy Story" is a novel length prose story plus a screenplay version, and the last one, "Living Proof", is a novella and a screenplay written at the turn of the century. An Ordinary Hero, and its screenplay, is NOT included to protect my family and the hero's family.

Fillossofee: Breakfast with Grandpa
Written by Robert Gately

1) I wrote an extensive preface in the book explaining why I wrote it. Primarily, I talked about how my progeny who indulge in social networking in a ways that degrades rather than enhances their mental and social skills. I don't know if that is true or not. I guess I feel aggravated when I'm ignored because they have their noses buried in an inanimate objects like a 2½ inch by 5 inch iphone. But I do the same when I am on the internet, searching for one thing or another, or on my laptop. I have come to the conclusion that if I handle this new technology with moderation then it is a good thing.

Please know I found it quite hard to compartmentalize my ideas. For example, the last chapter is on reincarnation but I also talk about it in other sections or topics because it needed to be addressed there as well in order to come to completion on a topic, which are plentiful, for sure. There are 57 topics ranging from The Big Bang Theory to the topic on the existence of God. Please know that my progeny do not have to agree with me. I just want them to think for themselves, or to think and have an opinion on topics that matter to me the most. And for that reason I started out with issues surrounding seeking of truth and go in search for answers on matters that are meaningful to me. The reader does not have to agree with me, just have an opinion is all. The exploration is what matters, not the destination.

Hopefully, the reader will think for themselves and, hopefully, this will lead them into seeking the hard-to-reach conclusions in life like who is God and what is our place in the universe. Or I ask practical questions like, is killing another human being wrong? I explore exclusions, if any, and if I do have exceptions, like it is okay to kill in self-defense, or under the capital punishment statues, that will lead me to conclude that it is very hard, indeed, to attain the absolute truth about other things. But we should explore anyway.

We all opine about everything under the sun, and it is important we push our psyches to the limit, or to conclusions that ultimately define us. Hopefully, we do that on important matters in public dispute. We vote and come to a mass conclusion like, for example, on capital punishment. The fact is the search for truth is what matters. The journey is to seek an answer that that may lead to me to ask the right questions.

Anyway, this book is intended to be a journey in which mistakes are to be embraced, not avoided. We should explore the universe. Some say we will blow ourselves up in the process. I say, we will come to an understanding of not only who we are, but why we are here, and we might save ourselves in the process.

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2) Living Proof is a 96-oage Feature Screenplay and a 24 Kword novella which is Based on a true story as told by Jerry Gaughan.

I was originally approached by Ken Keller (NYC producer) to re-write a story about a year in the life of a minor league hockey player. Based on a true story by Jerry Gaughan, the screenplay took on a life of its own and we seek a champion who likes hockey and family-oriented tales.
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(3) The Ed Dennehy Story The Ed Dennehy Story is a 120 page feature script and a 48K novel.

When I called my old high school buddy after almost 40 years of separation, I was stunned to find out to find Ed was still pursuing his life-long dream of acting and directing. This prompted me to team with him to write his story. After taping 28 hours of conversation, transcribing it to print and mulling over historical videos and documents, the end result is a wonderful story about my buddy in the form of a two-part mini-series screenplay, Well, that's not exactly true. Originally, I wrote a 179-page screenplay, which could be considered a two- part mini-series, but since then I cut it down to a rather long 120-page, feature script.

Here is the logline:
Ed always wanted to act or direct in theatre, but a lifelong battle with booze, and the bizarre hallucinations of famous dead people and spiders the size of dogs, took him on a physiological journey where he struggled to find peace between the worlds of the real and the imaginary. A true story.

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Here's the logline:
Adopted at infancy, a professional minor league ice hockey player searches for his biological parents during a championship season where his dream of playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins hangs on a thread and a prayer, but his quest to find his birth parents is more disruptive than expected and he finds himself more on a journey of enlightenment than discovery.