SYNOPSIS for HAT TRICK, a screenplay (and stage play) by Robert Gately

Jim, Walter and Dustin would like to do something special to spruce up their lives in retirement. Each one wants to accomplish something, hence the title, a hockey term for scoring three goals.

Walter is impotent and he allows his buddies to think he has an audacious goal of having sex with a mystery woman. But heís still emotionally attached to his deceased wife, so his goal is more bravado than real.

Dustin, who has a urinary stricture that causes problems when he urinates, simply wants to pee normally again. He finds a doctor who will operate on him, but not before driving his buddies crazy groveling and complaining about one thing or another relating to this Ďconditioní.

The main thread of the story involves Jimís goal. He wants to do the unthinkable. The impossible! Jim canít forget a football blunder he made 30 years ago when he played for Navy and his team lost to Army because he fumbled on the one-yard line as time ran out. Although Jim knows he canít turn back the clock, he wants to fortify his place in history by jumping onto the gridiron during a present day Army/Navy football event. His idiotic plan is fueled by his belief he can change his tarnished image for the better because he is going to do this naked. He thinks this adventure, somehow, will erase the memory of a mediocre player, if only in his own mind.

Walter, who is totally against the idea, is sucked into Jimís adventure and we find the three codgers driving to the game with the intention of running naked down the length of the football field with only jock straps on. Jim will carry a football under his arm while Walter and Dustin will run interference. Thatís the plan, at least. None of them have any clue of the difficulty of getting onto the field, past dozens of security guards. And even if they succeed in getting onto the field, the worst seemingly awaits Jim when he must face his grandson Ricky, who is the star offensive tackle on one of the competing teams.

In this poignant story, three grumps share their love, loyalty and comedic camaraderie that help them overcome larger-than-life obstacles. While taking this priceless journey, they show everyone on the way that growing old is a state of mind and can be a most enriching, wonderful time of life.