This list represents the three stage plays i have written: 1) Hat Trick, which I have written because of a dream; and 2) Going Solo,, which I have written with Drew Keil, and 3) Get the Hell Off, which is actually a joke and I have written it in several lengths, including a one-page stage play,

Going Solo, was originally written in 2002 as a screenplay by myself, and I have recently changed the title to 'My Mother Has Agoraphobia'., but the storyline took on a completely different slant with Drew. He joined forces to re-write it with a different perspective, character arcs and plot points, etc. Hence, Going Solo is now a joint project by Drew Keil and Bob Gately.

Please note that all plays are copyrighted.

1) Hat Trick, a Stage Play

The screenplay version of this story was written first, then I got the idea of presenting a staged reading of the screenplay with Duane Sidden, my financial advisor, as director. Duane founded Merely Players a long time ago in New York City and had a career going in theatre before becoming a financial advisor. Duane did such an excellent job directing the stage reading that I just had to write a stage play version of the story. Unfortunately, it requires multiple set changes and, consequently, the play has become problematic for a black box theatre because of the scene change requirements. Still, someone like Duane, who managed to breeze from one scene to the other with a single set using a narrator to guide the audience, would find this play a creative challenge with tremendous potential. He could manage the story through a single set scenario, no doubt.

Theatre groups, although critical of the set requirements, have honored Hat Trick with placements in contests such as Festival of New Plays (Stage 3), New Century Writers Award (5th place), Writers Digest, McLaren Memorial Play Competition, Writers Network, Eileen Heckart Drama for Seniors, Chesterfield, American Theatre (La Jolla), Nancy Weil New Play Search, plus more.

Here's the logline:
A retired cop streaks naked down the field during the present-day Army/Navy game believing his heroics will atone for a fumble he made decades ago during the same football classic. Although he takes his two friends on this wacky gridiron adventure proving life in retirement is anything but sedentary, dozens of security guards await his arrival and it'll be a friggin miracle if he makes it into the end-zone.

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2) Going Solo, a Stage Play, by Drew Keil and Bob Gately

As mentioned earlier, this work was a natural progression for me. Initially, at the urging of my wife, Lois, I wrote a second stage play for women using the screenplay, Going Solo, as the inspiration. However, once Drew and I started collaborating, the setting moved from a beauty parlor to a realty office - set in the main character's house and, consequently, the 4 lead females have taken on a completely different persona. The stage play can now be played in a black box theatre. Thanks Drew. In fact, since his involvement it has won the Chicago Screenplay Contest, American Movie Awards and London Film Awards, all in the stage play category.

Going Solo is an ideal showcase for women thespians in their 50s and 60s with one main character, the daughter (late teens to early 30s). Let's just say we have high hopes that one day this script will be produced. Even though the old version caught the attention of the artistic director at Abingdon Theatre in New York City and was part of the reading series at that theatre in the Spring '06, and although the old version took high placements in competitions such as Writers Digest, Chesterfield, American Theatre (La Jolla), Festival of New Plays (Stage 3), Writer's Network and Mazumdar New Play search Alleyway Theatre, the new version has much more potential and Drew and I have high hopes for the future.

Here's the logline:
An agoraphobic mom who works at home with two middle-aged, love-starved friends discovers her estranged daughter will perform a solo at Carnegie Hall, so how the heck is she going to travel the scary streets of New York City when she can't even walk 30 paces to get the mail?

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3) Get The Hell Off, a Short Stage Play (7 pages and 1 page)

Actually, GET THE HELL OFF was really developed from a misogynistic joke I heard during my days at AT&T. To soften the blow, you might want to change the B word to witch instead if there are juveniles around. I have various page lengths both for stage and the screen. In this folder I just put down a seven page and a one-page stage play. The one page has just the mother and son as characters, and I added one character to the mix in longer plays - the father of the story. The shorter stage plays are almost identical to the screenplay shorts. In all the longer plays, there is one room, three people, no gimmicks, and lots of fun to read, act, direct and produce in.

Here's the logline:
Ever try and control an eight-year-old boy's mouth? One mother tries and nearly loses her mind. Or, A mother's dim wit, a child's mischievous behavior and a father's blasé attitude on child rearing clash in harrowing experience that has the mother close to a nervous breakdown.

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